Postgres Cheatsheet

Getting help within psql \? Get to postgres terminal su postgres   Get terminal  psql   Get list of databases select datname from pg_data [...]

Swapping monitor positions in i3 window manager

Xrandr is what you want. Just add the command at the end of your i3 config file if you want it to be automatic For example the command I use [...]

How to configure DNS and gateway in Open SUSE

I’m just going to post how I managed to configure various network settings in Open Suse. I just ran the following command in terminal [...]

How to install Google Drive Client on Ubuntu 14.04

Step:1 Add grive-tools PPA using below Command : $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:thefanclub/grive-tools Step:2 Update the list $ sudo apt-get [...]

How to track pages opened using Ajax via Google Analytics

I recently came across an issue where by analytics on a site I had just rolled out were not tracking correctly. The main symptom was a high [...]

Sending whatsapp messages using Yowsup CLI

For a future project I was asked to develop a system that sends whatsapp messages from a server and handles the responses. Initial searches [...]

Uploading Files with AJAX using no framework

Recently I was faced with a bit of a challenge where by I had to upload a file to a web server without causing the page to refresh meaning t [...]

How to upload a file using ajax

This example for uploading a file using ajax and uses no framework,  just plain javascript! You would need to include XMLHTTPRequest.js fou [...]

Dump a javascript object or array to string

Once in a while I run into an issue where by I need to view the structure of an object or an array in javascript. In PHP this is pretty stra [...]

How to execute javascript contained with script tags contained within a page fetched via ajax

Recently I had an issue where by I needed to execute some javascript contained within a page fetched via ajax. The problem I faced was that [...]
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